DEAREST Mimes, puppeteers, jugglers, carnies, a wayward clown, a prominent doctor, a missing bracelet with charm of seven stones. Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz DEAREST. A fun mystery! “In a smart, quirky voice Marshall blends mystery, humor, and romance into a delightful tale to entertain readers aged teen to senior. Featuring a strong-willed female protagonist, off-beat characters, and nuggets of homespun wisdom wrapped into a storyline that speaks to difficulties we all face in trying to comprehend the absurdities of life and the complexities of family/relationships. A lighthearted story with a dark- comic twist, in short, Dearest is a fun read!”
MAXMUM FITNESS- MINIMUM RISK Who is in charge, you or your chronic illness? Manage your health, manage your life. “This book is a great resource for those of us who have a chronic disease who may think that exercise is not an option for us. Turns out, exercise is exactly what we need and Carole explains the process/credentials of programs available to us to help us gain control of our lives again. During my years as Director of Wellness Programs, I witnessed first- hand how medically supervised programs transform lives. If you believe that because you have been given a diagnosis of heart or lung disease, diabetes, etc--that you are required to be a "couch potato," Carole's book will tell you otherwise.”
READING TO JANE At one point in time or another, this gripping three- part story is everyone’s journey. “A cathartic tale of spiritual alignment and growth. A physical and symbolic journey of unlikely characters, from disparate tragic pasts, are touched by a man who carries another of this author's trademark refrains in one pocket, while carrying his wife's remains in the other. It's another rollercoaster must-read, from my new favorite author. Carole Marshall stretched my emotional comfort level on this one. I felt myself grow as much as her characters by the end of Reading to Jane. Can't wait for her next novel! This is way more fun than therapy!”
Hard Copy - $12.95 Plus S/H - $2.95
Hard Copy - $12.95 Plus S/H - $2.95
"HEALING IN THE COMPANY OF A CAT" The story of my beloved cat Cooshie begins on page 96 in Chicken Soup for the Soul Life Lessons from the Cat. More than just a pet, Cooshie was a teacher, a comedian and most of all a healer. This loyal boy helped me through one of life's greatest challenges. During a very rough time I found myself healing in the company of a cat. Life Lessons from the Cat is a lovely collection of great feline stories. This book is a fun, inspiring read and an ideal gift for all cat lovers. Chicken Soup for the Soul Life Lessons from the Cat is available in bookstores and online. For your convenience, direct Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound links below.
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