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   Carole   Marshall   is   a   former   Peninsula   Daily   News    columnist.      She   also wrote   feature   stories   for   American   Profile ,   a   national   magazine.      Two   of those   stories   were   selected   for   HarperCollins   book,   Hometown   Heroes , published   in   2007.         She   has   published   two   novels,   Dearest    and   Reading to   Jane .      Her   nonfiction   work   includes   Maximum   Fitness-Minimum   Risk ,   a Simple   How-to   Wellness   Guide   for   Folks   with   Heart   Disease,   Diabetes, COPD   and   numerous   health   and   fitness   articles.   She   has   also   contributed to    Chicken    Soup    for    the    Soul    books.        Carole    is    a    graduate    of    the University   of   Washington   Extension   Writers’   Program:   Nonfiction   Writing and   studied   photography   while   living   in   CA.   CRITTERS   ALL   is   her   pet photo   and   poetry   collection.      Strongly   connected   to   the   environment, Carole   also   designs   NATURE   PRINT   artwork.      She   is   a   member   of   the Nature Printing Society.    Born   in   the   Bronx,   New   York   she   currently   lives   in   the   Pacific   Northwest with husband Jim and two very spoiled critters.
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